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Vasuki Proves a Formidable Foe in SMT V

SMT V Vasuki

Even after the game’s release earlier this month, Atlus is still releasing new demon digest videos for SMT V, with today’s focusing on Vasuki. Vasuki is a serpent king from Hindu mythology, and has appeared in various other SMT and Persona titles in the past. In SMT V, Vasuki is a member of the Drake race.

The video focuses on what Vasuki can do in battle, showing how he overpowers the Nahobino’s party with his variety of skills. After using Toxic Spray to inflict poison, he uses Venom Chaser in order to deal more physical damage. It is also capable of casting Mabufudyne, making Vasuki one of the many demons that can work as both a physical and a magical damage dealer.

While Vasuki’s video starts with a dialogue section, text does not display to show what he is saying. This is so that players who have not yet played the game or advanced as far in the story can avoid spoilers.

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Shin Megami Tensei V is readily available worldwide on the Nintendo Switch. Siliconera’s review is also live.

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