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Check Out VVVtunia’s Opening Movie With a Theme Song By New Virtual Idols

VVVtunia Opening Movie theme song

The Nep-Nep spinoff game VVVtunia has a bunch of virtual idols as part of its story and it also features an opening theme song performed by two in-game virtual idols, Me and You of Mewtral.

Check out the new trailer by Compile Heart below:

The opening theme song for VVVtunia  is titled “∞ (unlimited)” by two-virtual idol unit Mewtral, produced by Jin, known for his work on Kagerou Project. The two members of Mewtral are “Me” and “You” who will stop at no challenge including anime, video games, or even the 3D world. Their goal is to actively challenge the new generation of entertainment that can only be provided with virtual idols.

The name “Mewtral” comes from a combination of three words: New, Music, and Neutral. New, because, well they’re new; music, because it is their main focus, and neutral because you’ll find them teetering between both 2D and 3D worlds. VVVtunia will be Mewtral’s first appearance with much more to come after.

VVVtunia will release in Japan for the PlayStation 4 on July 2, 2020. The game is the first entry for the Neptunia series’ 10th anniversary celebration. Check our previous report to learn about the mysterious invaders from the planet OWANDAL. You can also check out more on the game’s battle features and more virtual YouTubers here.

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