VVVtunia Introduces the Mysterious Invaders from Planet OWANDAL

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Over the past two weeks, Compile Heart has updated the official site for VVVtunia with more battle system and extra features, characters, and guest virtual Youtubers. In particular, we get a look at the game’s antagonistic forces, invaders from the planet OWANDAL.

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Kado (CV: You Taichi)


The leader of the invading forces from the planet OWANDAL. She’s cool-headed, but in a cold-hearted and ruthless way. She leads the Hater army alongside the brains of the operation, HERO, in an effort to conquer planet EMO for unknown purposes.


HERO (CV: Takashi Narumi)


An invader from the planet OWANDAL, who supports Kado by being the brains of the operation. It has a heartless personality, and says mean things whenever it talks. HERO also says a lot of bitingly sarcastic remarks.


Heart Tune


A feature which you can reaffirm your bonds with allies, which will slowly replenish your health and skill MP when active. The longer it is active, the more you recover, so it’ll be very useful when you don’t have any items on hand. However, you are completely defenseless during Heart Tune, so plan out when to use it wisely.




We also got a closer look at BeatTik, which turns out to be a rhythm minigame where you press the right button at the right timing. Catch the beat, and heat up the stage in a live performance. Aim to become the top virtual idol!

Additionally, using the accessories collected throughout the game, you can coordinate the characters’ looks to what you like.


Finally, several more virtual Youtubers were revealed for the game:

  • Rei Tsumugine
  • Shia Minase
  • Aria Ichijou
  • Mashiro Shirayuki

Check out the previous Virtual Youtuber lists here, here, and here respectively.

VVVtunia will release for the PlayStation 4 on July 2, 2020 in Japan. The game is the first part of the celebration of the Neptunia series’ 10th anniversary.

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