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Welcome To Tanjia Harbour, Monster Hunter 3G’s Multiplayer Hub


    While Monster Hunter 3G doesn’t appear to have online play, the game still features a separate hub for multiplayer activity, similar to Loc Lac City in Monster Hunter Tri. In 3G, Loc Lac has been replaced by Tanjia Harbour. You can accept G-Rank quests from the quest counter at the harbour, too.


    To the right is a Felyne at Tanjia Harbour, TsurugiNyanmaru, who acts as the link between Moga Village and Tanjia Harbour. You can go back and forth between the two areas by talking to him, and also choose whether you want to play by yourself or with other players locally.


    There’s an option that allows you to play specifically with friends, too. You can do this by selecting the “Search for friends on the harbour” option. That sounds like it might have been included to make it easier to pick out your friends when you’re in a crowded area with lots of players.


    These are the receptionists you’ll find at the quest counter, along with the Guild Master of Tanjia Harbour. This is where you can accept G-Rank quests. Capcom say there are other features to the harbour, too, that haven’t been revealed yet.



    Moga Village and all of its features from Monster Hunter Tri are in the game as one would expect. Fishing, farming, turning in resources, and — most importantly — the cute girl at the guild counter are all present and accounted for. New quests will be available in the game’s single player mode as well.




    Food for thought:

    Felynes are getting more fashionable all the time. Look at TsurugiNyanmaru’s haircut:


    monster_hunter_3g_nyanmaru monster_hunter_3g_nyanmaru2

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