Why Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate’s Black Diablos Changes Colour

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Capcom have shared another monster profile from Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. This time, it’s the Black Diablos, which is often regarded as a Diablos sub-species, but that isn’t really what it is. Black Diablos is a female Diablos that changes colour during mating season as a sign to males. Read about her below:


When it comes to monster names, “Diablos” should already make you think twice about setting out on its quest… but now the Black Diablos is back to frighten you even more with its terrifying name and vicious attitude.


This monster is often treated as a subspecies, but in reality, it is a female Diablos during the mating season, which changes its color to black as a sign to male Diablos and a warning to everyone else—including hunters such as you. And you shouldn’t take this warning lightly; the Black Diablos is much more aggressive than the regular kind and will spare no mercy on its targets. It will often burrow and surprise you with fast leaps from underground—a true test of one’s reflexes.


Black Diablos (as well as regular Diablos) also seem to have counter-attack strategies ready to go: charge at it from behind, and it will slam its club-like tail; try attacking from a side, and get a tail swipe; challenge it head-on, and meet its two huge, twisted horns. In short, at first there’s no real safe way to approach it, but keep your eyes peeled and you’ll see an opening here and there.


You can also wait for it to attack first, but then it might just burrow and try to catch you off-guard. Now, as your turn to counter-attack, you can throw Sonic Bombs, which emit a high frequency sound causing the Diablos to try jumping off the ground but only half of its body comes up on its way out and it gets stuck momentarily. If done properly, this can be the key to your victory, unless…


When Black Diablos gets angry, you should probably start panicking. It will be totally immune to the useful effect of Sonic Bombs, and most of its moves and attacks become a lot faster. Also, it gets angry quite often—especially when its health is low. So, good luck!


Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will hit North America on March 19th and Europe on March 22nd.



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