Would A UMD Drive Convince You To Buy A PSPgo?

0 According to a rumour at CVG, peripheral manufacturer Logitech are developing a UMD drive add-on for PSPgo. "The only problem is that it’ll make the PSP a little bulky," mentioned CVG’s source.

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The lack of a UMD drive is what has most hurt perception of the PSPgo in the portable games market, so it really isn’t all that surprising that a peripheral for UMD support is under consideration. It would also explain why no one from Sony has really addressed the issue of existing PSP users being able to transfer their UMD games to the PSPgo so far.


Bulky PSPgo vs. PSP-3000 with a built in UMD drive. To be fair, we’ll imagine the UMD drive lets you install any game to the PSPgo so you can sit on a couch and play it with a PS3 controller. Your choice?

Ishaan Sahdev
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