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Xseed On Localizing More Corpse Party Games


Xseed recently announced that they’re publishing the updated PC version of the first Corpse Party game in North America. Following the announcement, a fan asked on Xseed’s Facebook page if they intend to localize Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient and Corpse Party: Blood Drive. Here’s what they said:


Welp, more Corpse Party is great, so how about [Hysteric Birthday 2U], Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient, and Blood Drive? Oh, and no need to dub, the Japanese cast is perfect!


We will see what we can do. And totally agreed about the Japanese voice-overs being perfect – we couldn’t do an English dub even if we wanted to due to the awesome 3D recording technique that Japan uses where multiple microphones at various angles are used for recording, which is a technique that we can’t easily replicate for our English voice-overs.


Something to note is that Xseed have already touched upon Hysteric Birthday 2U and Blood Drive in the past. In November 2013, Xseed stated that they weren’t going to be localizing Hysteric Birthday, while on the subject of Blood Drive, they expressed interest in bringing the game over.


Another point to note is that Xseed have also said that Brandish: The Dark Revenant and Trails in the Sky: Second Chapter are likely going to be their final PSP projects, unless Brandish somehow performs incredibly well on the PS Vita.

Ishaan Sahdev
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