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How to Get the Final Fantasy VII Remake Butterfinger Tifa Dynamic Theme for Free

Final Fantasy VII Remake Tifa Dynamic Theme PS4

The US-exclusive Final Fantasy VII Remake PS4 dynamic theme featuring Tifa has only been available through a Butterfinger promotion, but you can now grab it for free.

Through the Butterfinger promotion, you have to buy certain candy bars to get Final Fantasy VII Remake add-ons. The Tifa PS4 dynamic theme requires at least two candy bars to get. To be more specific, you need to purchase two bars at one time to qualify for the add on, out of select Baby Ruth, Butterfinger, and Crunch bars. Keep in mind that the promotion is only available for US residents.

If you’re looking to get the same Tifa theme for free—all you need is a Japanese PSN account. From there, you can grab the Final Fantasy VII Remake Tifa Theme over at the Japanese PlayStation Store. The theme is available for all Japanese accounts and doesn’t require a PlayStation Plus subscription.

Check out the Tifa PS4 dynamic theme below:

The Tifa dynamic theme is based on the recreated artwork from the original Final Fantasy VII.

As for the Butterfinger promotion, it features other DLC including a Midgar Bangle, Shinra Bangle, Corneo’s Armlet, and more. The promotion will only be available until May 14, 2020. You can check out more information here and the official website here.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is currently available for the PlayStation 4. Check our previous report for the latest details from the Final Fantasy VII Remake Ultimania.

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