Level 5’s ghost-collecting RPG, Youkai Watch, is getting a manga series. As previously reported, this is the manga that will begin serializing in Shogakukan’s Ciao magazine in Japan.


Anime News Network reports that this will be a shoujo manga featuring a female protagonist. The manga will be drawn by Chikako Mori, and like the game, will tell the story of someone that is able to see Japanese ghosts after acquiring a special watch.


The Youkai Watch manga will debut in the issue of Ciao that is is scheduled to be published in early January. The game allows one to play as either a male or female character, so it’s interesting that Level 5 are choosing to go with a female lead for the manga series.


Youkai Watch is also getting an anime adaptation, which will begin airing on TV Tokyo Janurary 8th in Japan. Meanwhile, a second game in the series is in development as well.


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