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Let’s See What Sazh Can Do As A "Monster"

By Spencer . March 1, 2012 . 2:22am

Sazh is a Synergist in Final Fantasy XIII-2 and will take up the monster slot if you add him to your party.

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Gilgamesh And Other Final Fantasy Villains Are Coming To Final Fantasy XIII-2 As DLC

By Spencer . February 29, 2012 . 1:10pm

Square Enix will add cameos from other Final Fantasy games like Gilgamesh from Final Fantasy V to fight.

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A Lightning Deal On Lightning: Get Final Fantasy XIII-2 For $45

By Spencer . February 28, 2012 . 10:35am

Right now, you can get Final Fantasy XIII-2 for $44.99, a 25% discount off the regular retail price. It’s one of the lightning deals in Amazon’s Gold Box.

Post 195785

A Quick Look At Chrono Bind In Final Fantasy XIII-2′s Sazh DLC

By Ishaan . February 27, 2012 . 10:31pm

Watch Sazh play Chrono Bind in the “Sazh: Heads or Tails” DLC episode for Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Post 195569

Chrono Bind Domain Registered By Square, Will This Be A Chrono Trigger Sequel? [Update]

By Spencer . February 27, 2012 . 3:32am

The long awaited next entry in the Chrono series may not be Chrono Break, but instead Chrono Bind. [Update: Unfortunately, Chrono Bind has nothing to do with the Chrono series at all.]

Post 195128

In Korea, Final Fantasy XIII-2′s Sazh Scenario Is Rated Adults Only

By Spencer . February 26, 2012 . 11:00am

The game came out on January 31 and was rated for ages 15 and up. Next week, a new downloadable scenario starring Sazh will be released worldwide, but you have to be 18 or up to play it in Korea.

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It’s A Paradox! Atlas From Final Fantasy XIII-2 Is In Social Final Fantasy Game

By Spencer . February 25, 2012 . 5:01pm

Atlas from Final Fantasy XIII-2 appears as a guest boss in Square Enix’s social game Final Fantasy Brigade.

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The Mysterious Connection Between Sazh And Final Fantasy XIII-2′s Chocobo Lady

By Spencer . February 23, 2012 . 1:17am

Next week, we’ll see what happened to Sazh Katzroy after the events in Final Fantasy XIII. Square Enix created a new storyline for him called “Heads or Tails?” where Sazh heads to Serendipity in search of his son, Dajh.

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Final Fantasy XIII-2 X Mass Effect Collaboration In The Works

By Spencer . February 20, 2012 . 12:28pm

Square Enix has another cross game collaboration. In addition to working with the Assassin’s Creed series, Final Fantasy XIII-2 will have a Mass Effect costume.

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Strategy Session: How To Beat Lightning And Amodar In Final Fantasy XIII-2

By Jenni . February 17, 2012 . 6:03pm

Since Lightning and Amodar aren’t auto-drops in the DLC colisseum battle, you’ve got to know how to take them down quickly and efficiently.

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Sazh: Heads Or Tails? Final Fantasy XIII-2 Episode Launches On February 28

By Spencer . February 16, 2012 . 2:06pm

Sazh’s story runs parallel to the events in Final Fantasy XIII-2 and he goes to the casino world, Serendipity to win back the most important thing in his life.

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Sazh Has Been Hanging Around Final Fantasy XIII-2′s Casino

By Spencer . February 16, 2012 . 12:02am

A new storyline just Sazh and his son will be available as downloadable content on February 28. Heads or Tails takes place in Serendipity, Final Fantasy XIII-2′s answer to the Golden Saucer.

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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Sazh Scenario Coming In February

By Spencer . February 14, 2012 . 9:31pm

Titled “Heads or Tails” this episode will also add new games to the casino.

Post 192082

Rumor: Final Fantasy XIII Villain Jihl Nabaat Returns As FFXIII-2 DLC

By Spencer . February 12, 2012 . 11:34pm

If Jill is like other coliseum enemies, you should be able to add her to your party if you win the fight.

Post 190785

Scenes Before Serah And Noel Zap Lightning

By Spencer . February 7, 2012 . 1:09pm

The battle between Lightning and her younger sister Serah begins today with the Lightning and Master Sergeant Amodar coliseum battle DLC for Final Fantasy XIII-2.

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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Now Supports Facebook Sharing

By Ishaan . February 3, 2012 . 8:30am

Update your Facebook wall with your party setup, progress and other information.

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