Dawn and Turtwig Join Pokemon Masters Alongside a New Event

Pokemon Masters Dawn and Turtwig

Dawn and Turtwig are now available to recruit in Pokemon Masters. The pair arrived alongside a new event and a generous log-in reward campaign. Players can scout Dawn and Turtwig from the Sync Pair Scout banner until June 11, 2020. The event, “The Star of the Contest,” will also last until that same day, giving players plenty of time to reap the rewards.

Like other three stage evolution Sync Pairs in Pokemon Masters, Dawn can evolve her Turtwig. Of course, you will need the right materials and these can be easily acquired by simply playing Pokemon Masters. As a Support Sync Pair, Dawn and Turtwig can raise the defense of your team, and with Good as New! the pair can heal an ally to full health and remove all status conditions from said ally. You can check out this Sync Pair’s sync move in the video below.

The new Story Event, “The Star of the Contest,” functions similarly to previous events. Players will need to participate in event battles to collect Prize Coins. These coins can then be used to pull from the Prize Box, giving players a random reward. Once you’ve gotten the grand prize from the Prize Box you will be able to move on to the next set of rewards. Reward boost tickets can be used to acquire more Prize Coins.

In addition to this, a special log-in campaign is currently underway. By logging in during this period you can net yourself gems, Co-op Sync Orbs, and Reward Boost Tickets.

Recent additions to the roster of Pokemon Masters include Wally and Gallade, Pokemon Gold and Silver‘s Jasmine and Steelix, and other fan favorites.

Pokemon Masters is available for Android and Apple iOS devices. The Pokemon Masters Dawn and Turtwig Sync Pair can be scouted in-game until June 11, 2020.

Kazuma Hashimoto
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