Disgaea RPG English Version Will Arrive in Spring 2021

Disgaea RPG English Version

ForwardWorks has announced that an English version of Disgaea RPG will appear on mobile devices outside of Japan in Spring 2021. It is planning to hold a closed beta test in January 2021. The English official website is live and listed Hong Kong Bao Chuan as its publisher. Boltrend Games will handle the development of the English version of the game.

Check out the Disgaea RPG English trailer here.

Disgaea RPG is essentially a Disgaea-based gacha game. The setting itself is straight from the series, with familiar elements such as a max level of 9999 and the ability to dish out over 999,999,999 damage. In addition to popular characters from the Disgaea series, the game introduced brand-new characters in Japan, like Dies, to go with its original story. The battles are turn-based with features such as cooperative attacks and Tower attacks. It also offers simple controls to play on smartphones.

Disgaea RPG English Version

When Disgaea RPG first launched in Japan, it had a rocky start and a relaunch after months of maintenance hell. However, after returning from the darkness in November 2019, it has been smooth sailing for the game.

Disgaea RPG is currently available in Japan for PCs via DMM, Apple iOS devices, and Android devices. The English version will launch in Spring 2021. The closed beta test in January 2021 will be available in Australia, Brazil, Canada, and the Philippines. Pre-registration will be available soon. You can check out the official Facebook page here.

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