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Kandagawa Jet Girls Gameplay Trailer Features Senran Kagura Guests Ikaruga & Yomi, Ryona & Ryobi


Kandagawa Jet Girls released today in Japan with a new gameplay trailer featuring Senran Kagura‘s Ikaruga & Yomi, Ryona & Ryobi teams.

The four guest characters are part of Kandagawa Jet Girls’ Senran Kagura Character Pass going for 3,500 yen plus tax. They’re also available for 1,000 yen plus tax for each team. Additionally, Hikage & Homura, Murasaki & Mirai join the mix in February 2020. 

As for Yumi and Asuka, they’re available as DLC from the limited edition DX Jet Pack version of Kandagawa Jet Girls. You can check out more gameplay for the two here and here.

Kandagawa Jet Girls released today in Japan for PlayStation 4. Check our previous report for a prologue movie and more on its characters.

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