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Pokemon Gym Statue Miniatures Can Also Be Used As Food Seasoning

Pokemon Gym statue miniatures

Bandai opened pre-orders for gym statue miniatures from the Pokemon series in Japan. At 4,620 yen (~$42), you will be able to get a pair of these miniatures at once. Bandai will close the pre-orders on October 4, 2021, and deliver the finished products in February 2022.

The miniature statues will have an approximate height of 100 mm (almost 4 inches). If you have other appropriately sized Pokemon-related figures, you can also make a diorama modeled after a gym.

The miniature statues also have another purpose in daily life. When you separate the pedestal from the statue, you can also store food seasoning inside it. The single-hole pedestal is usually meant to store salt, while the one with three holes is used for pepper.

The statues have been part of the most defining features of Gyms in the mainline Pokemon games. Placed nearby the entrance of each gym, examining the statues will let players read about the gym’s location, its leader, and a list of trainers who have won its badge. The latest released games where you can spot these gym statues are Pokemon Sword and Shield on Nintendo Switch.

The Pokemon franchise has been receiving various kinds of merchandise from many companies. They range from Takara Tomy’s Rotom Phone to Build-a-Bear plushes of Gengar and Umbreon.

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