Pokemon Masters Leaf and Eevee Appear to Help People Out

Pokemon Masters Leaf and Eevee

One of the Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen trailers is showing up in another game. A Pokemon Masters Leaf and Eevee Sync Pair are ready to join the party. Their Spotlight Scout is now available until February 5, 2020.

The Pokemon Masters Leaf and Eevee Sync Pair works a little differently than the ones that have appeared in the game so far. Their sync move actually helps improve the rest of the party. When Endless Possibilities Exteme Evoboost is triggered, every other sync pair in your party gets an attack, defense, special attack, special defense, and accuracy boost for a limited time.

Here’s Leaf and Eevee’s sync move in action.

Leaf and Eevee’s other moves are fairly typical for a normal-type Pokemon. Iron Tail, Let’s Go, Potion, and Tackle are all immediately unlocked. You also get two passive skills that pair well with bonuses. There’s Benefactor, which gives Leaf and Eevee’s stat increases to the sync pair you may switch in to replace them, and Impervious, which keeps stats from being lowering by an opponent.

Pokemon Masters is available for Android and Apple iOS devices. Leaf and Eevee join sync pairs like Ethan and Cyndaquil and Cynthia and Garchomp.

Jenni Lada
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