SuperGroupies Kirby 30th Anniversary Collection Features Stars

kirby supergroupies

For the 30th anniversary of Kirby, SuperGroupies will release a collection of goods based on the pink demon. There will be a total of five items that you can purchase. They are a watch, a shoulder bag, sneakers, a wallet, and a jacket. All of the items are made-to-order, and you will have until February 12, 2023 to put in your orders.

All of the items feature lots of star motifs. As well, the majority of the items feature a dark navy or black color that contrasts the pale pink that represents Kirby. The Kirby SuperGroupies items all have different release windows and prices. They are:

  • Watch: $220 (late September 2023)
  • 3-way shoulder bag: $170 (mid-August 2023)
  • Sneakers: $150 (late July 2023)
  • Wallet: $140 (late July 2023)
  • Reversible jacket: $270 (late July 2023)

The items all feature different aspects of the Kirby games. For example, the watch draws inspiration from the Fountain of Dreams. Meanwhile, the sneakers have a lot of Lor Starcutter motifs.

Since 2022, Nintendo and other brands have released limited goods for the 30th anniversary of the Kirby series. Kirby debuted in Kirby’s Dream Land, which came out in 1992 for the Game Boy. In 2022, there was an Ichiban Kuji, music festival, Nendoroid, jewelry collection, and more for the 30th anniversary.

The Kirby 30th anniversary collection at SuperGroupies is available to pre-order until February 12, 2023. They will ship out from Summer 2023.

Stephanie Liu
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