This Week In Sales: Blue Roses Trampled By A Pokémon Stampede



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The week of September 13th – 19th looks to have been busy one for Japanese retailers. With seven new releases in the top-20 chart for the week, what you see is a pleasantly diverse line-up of games across different publishers.


Leading the charts at #1 were, of course, Pokémon Black / White with 2.55 million units. This number differs from Enterbrain’s reported 2.63 million, but ultimately, they amount to the same thing: a lot.


Everything else on the top-20 charted far below in terms of actual sales numbers. Square Enix’s Front Mission Evolved grabbed the #2 spot with 51,084 units sold on the PS3 and the #12 spot with 7,792 units on the Xbox 360. Following at #3 was Konami’s latest Yu-Gi-Oh! title, while Halo: Reach bagged the #4 spot with 44,413 units sold.


Meanwhile, unsurprisingly, the large majority of the market seemed to ignore the release of Blue Roses on the PSP, published by Nippon Ichi Software. Perhaps the game might have done better during a less crowded week?


One last point of note: Media-Create’s numbers have Monster Hunter Diary at 428,677, while Capcom’s own figures put it at 500,000 units as of yesterday. This sort of disparity is common between different sales trackers, but we aren’t certain which one Capcom are using.


The top-20 for the week was as follows:


Lw Tw Title Tw. Sales Tot. Sales Sys. Publisher
New 01. Pokémon Black / White 2,557,779 New DS Nintendo
New 02. Front Mission Evolved 51,084 New PS3 Square Enix
New 03. Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Tag Force 5 45,879 New PSP Konami
New 04. Halo: Reach (includes Limited Edition bundle) 44,413 New Xbox 360 Microsoft
03. 05. Wii Party 36,547 997,025 Wii Nintendo
02. 06. MonHun Nikki Poka Poka Airu Mura (MonHun Diary) 28,627 428,677 PSP Capcom
02. 07. One Piece: Gigant Battle 28,123 159,977 DS Namco Bandai
New 08. Blue Roses: The Fairy and the Blue Eyed Warriors 9,846 New PSP Nippon Ichi
13. 09. Taiko no Tatsujin Dororon! The Great Yokai Battle 8,729 215,513 DS Namco Bandai
06. 10. Super Mario Galaxy 2 8,178 825,541 Wii Nintendo
09. 11. Inazuma Eleven 3: Challenge the World! Spark / Bomber 7,977 836,356 DS Level 5
New 12. Front Mission Evolved 7,792 New 360 Square Enix
04. 13. Ace Combat: Joint Assault 7,405 105,416 PSP Namco Bandai
New 14. Trick x Logic: Season 2 7,250 New PSP Sony
11. 15. Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G (PSP The Best) 7,114 422,777 PSP Capcom
12. 16. Wii Fit Plus 6,933 2,067,014 Wii Nintendo
07. 17. Art Academy 6,538 173,717 DS Nintendo
17. 18. Tomodachi Collection 6,516 3,418,871 DS Nintendo
14. 19. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Bargain Edition) 5,576 21,518 PS3 Square Enix
18. 20. Mario Kart Wii 5,347 2,931,548 Wii Nintendo


Sales data sourced from 4Gamer and Media-Create.

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