This Week In Sales: The Roughneck Teacher Goes To High School


Period: The week of April 18th – April 24th (2011)

Top-seller: Battle & Get! Pokémon Typing DS – 59,363

Nintendo 3DS sales: 23,038 | Total sales: 920,133


Two months since launch, and the Nintendo 3DS is still under a million units sold in Japan. Nintendo president, Satoru Iwata, recently addressed the system’s cooling sales at a company investor briefing, citing the challenges associated with conveying the immediate appeal of the device and its features. The rest of the year should be interesting to watch as more and more high-profile 3DS software is released to draw attention to the system.


As far as software sales go, the week of April 18th – 24th saw the debut of Battle & Get! Pokémon Typing DS. As reported previously, the game comes with a wireless mini-keyboard that can be used with other bluetooth-compatible devices such as iPhones.


The same week, Spike released Gachitora: The Roughneck Teacher in High School. A spin-off of sorts if Spike’s Kenka Bancho series, Gachitora debuted at a fraction of the sales of Kenka Bancho 4, which moved 71,504 copies in its first week.


The top-20 for the week is as follows:


LwTwTitleWeekly SalesTotal SalesSys.Publisher
New01.Battle & Get! Pokémon Typing DS59,363NewDSThe Pokémon Co.
03.02.Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 Professional45,397337,166DSSquare Enix
01.03.The 2nd Super Robot Taisen Z
44,973351,992PSPNamco Bandai
04.04.Pro Baseball Spirits 201127,93199,195PSPKonami
02.05.Pro Baseball Spirits 201124,365110,851PS3Konami
New06.Detective Conan: Rondo of the Blue Jewel19,786NewDSNamco Bandai
New07.Gachitora: The Roughneck Teacher in High School13,560NewPSPSpike
New08.SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs12,613NewPS3Sony
06.09.Pilotwings Resort10,67537,2283DSNintendo
New10.Otomedius Excellent10,502New360Konami
05.11.Persona 2: Innocent Sin10,40073,122PSPAtlus
New12.Monster Hunter Frontier Online (Forward.1 Premium Package)10,393New360Capcom
13.13.Monster Hunter Portable 3rd8,5584,446,505PSPCapcom
New14.Original Story from Fairy Tail Clash! Cardia Cathedral8,376NewDSHudson
08.15.Earth Defense Force 2 Portable8,20788,900PSPD3 Publisher
12.17.Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection7,369171,311PSPSquare Enix
16.19.Wii Party6,7481,860,133WiiNintendo
15.20.Nintendogs + cats6,303196,2423DSNintendo


Sales data acquired from 4Gamer,, and Media-Create.

Ishaan Sahdev
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