Warm Your Heart on This Cold Winter’s Day With a Build-a-Bear Flareon

build a bear flareon plush 1

A new Build-a-Bear Pokemon plush has been revealed. The Australian branch of the store took to Facebook to reveal a sibling for Eevee. The Build-a-Bear Flareon is on the way!

Right now, the Build-a-Bear Flareon is only available in Australian stores. People can’t go online to pick up Eevee’s fiery evolution. Since this is an in-store exclusive, that means there won’t be any online bundle with a special voice chip or extra outfits. However, there will be an exclusive, optional Flareon cape to go with the character.

The prices for the Build-a-Bear Flareon and its outfit weren’t announced. However, a standard Eevee costs $29. (It seems to be around the base price for all Pokemon, as Vulpix has a similar shape and was $28, while Alolan Vulpix is $29.) The cape also wasn’t priced, but the comparable Eevee and Vulpix capes were, respectively, $14.50 and $12.50.

The Build-a-Bear Pokemon line has been going strong since Pikachu launched back in 2016. Characters like Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, and Meowth have all also appeared. Psyduck and Snubbull both appeared around the Detective Pikachu movie’s debut. The company even has released some special, larger than average characters, like a very big Snorlax that was eight inches larger than the original Snorlax plush.

The Build-a-Bear Flareon plush is in-stores in Australia and should begin appearing worldwide soon.

Jenni Lada
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