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Pixar Characters In Kingdom Hearts? Maybe One Day.

By Spencer . June 22, 2010 . 4:42pm

When the first Kingdom Hearts game came out, Pixar had a Disney contract. Now Disney owns Pixar. So, how about some Pixar characters or worlds in Kingdom Hearts, Nomura-san?

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Kingdom Hearts Re:coded E3 2010 Trailer (Cam)

By Ishaan . June 20, 2010 . 4:25pm

It’s cam footage, so it isn’t very good quality, but it’s the best we have for now.

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Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Crown Stickers Are A Platforming Challenge

By Spencer . June 16, 2010 . 11:38pm

Square Enix added these a new feature in the North American version and if you want to collect these prepare to jump.

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New Birth By Sleep English Trailer Shows Story Clips

By Ishaan . June 16, 2010 . 4:19pm

Catch glimpses of your favourite Nobodies…before they were Nobodies.

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Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Is A Full Remake

By Spencer . June 16, 2010 . 2:33pm

“The scenario is the same [as the cell phone version], but the game system is different,” Tetsuya Nomura explained.

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Kingdom Hearts 3DS Is A Brand New Title

By Spencer . June 16, 2010 . 1:16am

Shortly after the Nintendo 3DS reveal, I asked Tetsuya Nomura about Kingdom Hearts 3DS.

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Can You Spot The Big Advertisement In This Picture? [Update]

By Spencer . June 14, 2010 . 3:29pm

A certain company is making a big deal out of a certain game at E3.

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Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Confirmed For Nintendo DS [Update]

By Spencer . June 9, 2010 . 9:44am

Square Enix and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days developer h.a.n.d. are working on a new Kingdom Hearts game. It’s not Kingdom Hearts III. It’s Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded.

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New Kingdom Hearts To Be Revealed At E3

By Ishaan . June 6, 2010 . 6:04am

Is Kingdom Hearts: Recoded coming sooner than we expect?

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What Is Kingdom Hearts Recoded?

By Ishaan . June 6, 2010 . 3:51am

An English remake of Kingdom Hearts: Coded, perhaps?

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Tetsuya Nomura Making An Appearance At E3

By Spencer . June 1, 2010 . 1:48am

Twitter addict Shinji Hashimoto is leaking Square Enix’s E3 plans, apparently. He just tweeted that Tetsuya Nomura, Director of the Kingdom Hearts series, is traveling to E3.

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Square Enix Plans On Strengthening Intellectual Properties

By Spencer . May 18, 2010 . 5:26am

Cross media strategies are in the cards.

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Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Now With More Leonard Nimoy

By Spencer . May 17, 2010 . 10:41am

Keeping up with the rest of the series, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep has a cast of Hollywood celebrities doing voiceovers for the game.

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Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Set For September

By Spencer . May 17, 2010 . 9:39am

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep is less than four months away. Square Enix set September 7 as the game’s release date in North America. Three days later, Europe gets the game on September 10.

Post 66977

“Several” Kingdom Hearts Titles Being Planned

By Spencer . April 12, 2010 . 8:23pm

Director Tetsuya Nomura is giving vague hints about the future of Kingdom Hearts again.