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Atropos Joins Her Sister Lachesis in SMT V

Atropos SMT

Another one of the three Moirae Sisters that looks at the thread of a person’s life and governs it is going to show up in Shin Megami Tensei V. First, Atlus confirmed Lachesis would appear. Now its next video looks at her sister Atropos in SMT V. She is the one who holds the scissors that cuts the thread and marks the end of someone’s life.

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After Atropos was summoned in her SMT V video, it showed off some skills she might use. For example, she uses Hamaon+3 against a Kaiwan. After that, she used Masukunda to lower all of her enemies’ agility. Finally, she used Mabufudyne+4 against two Loup-Garous and a Throne.

The video ends with a hint at the next character that will show up in the game. It is a humanoid demon that is part of the Lady family. She appears to hold a staff with a clover at the end of it.

As usual, there will eventually be 214 SMT V demon digest videos to look through. Each one will offer the same sort of focused look on a character you might fuse or recruit. In case you missed some of them, here are the 20 videos that appeared before the look at Atropos in SMT V.

  1. Byakko/Bai Hu
  2. Orthrus
  3. Vishnu
  4. Gabriel
  5. Berith
  6. Anubis
  7. Fortuna
  8. Flaemis
  9. Apsaras
  10. Kushinada-Hime
  11. Bugs a.k.a. Bugbear
  12. Agathion
  13. Ananta
  14. Bishamonten
  15. Thunderbird
  16. Seth
  17. Raphael
  18. Loup-Garou
  19. Attis
  20. Inanna

Shin Megami Tensei V will come to the Nintendo Switch in Japan on November 11, 2021 and worldwide on November 12, 2021.

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