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How to Get Honkai: Star Rail Forge of the Kalpagni Lantern Relics

Forge of the Kalpagni Lantern is a Planar Ornament set in Honkai: Star Rail, and it works great for Fire DPS units who specialize in doing Break Effect damage. It’s Firefly’s best set, so if you’re trying to build her, this is where you should start. Here is how you can obtain Forge of the Kalpagni Lantern in the Divergent Universe.

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Boxes depicting various boss fights and the Planar Ornament sets you can get from them.
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How do I get Forge of the Kalpagni Lantern Planar Relics?

You can get Forge of the Kalpagni Lantern from the Planar Ornament Extraction mode in Divergent Universe. To access this mode, go to the Divergent Universe, click Start Game, and click on the Planar Ornament Extraction button. This is located on the bottom left part of the screen.

This will bring you to a new menu that displays the different Planar Ornaments you can get. You’ll be able to select your difficulty level from one to five. One is easiest, but gives you fewer rewards. Five is hardest, but gives you the most rewards. I recommend five if you can, but four is also a good place to start.

Honkai: Star Rail will offer an option of various bosses to fight. Each boss will give you certain Planar Ornament sets for beating them. To get Forge of the Kalpagni Lantern, you’ll need to fight the Eternal Comedy boss.

If you’ve encountered this boss in the Divergent Universe before, you’re able to use a previous save state to help you defeat them. This will carry over your team, Curios, Blessings, and Expanded Equations from that run.

It costs one Immersifier coin or 40 Trailblaze Power to do a single boss fight.

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What does Forge of the Kalpagni Lantern do?

Forge of the Kalpagni Lantern is a Planar Ornament set which does the following:

  • Increases the wearer’s Speed stat by six percent.
  • The wearer’s Break Effect is increased for one turn after attacking an enemy with a Fire weakness (indicated by the symbol beside the enemy’s HP bar).

Forge of the Kalpagni Lantern is a great Planar Ornament set for Firefly, and I also recommend it for Asta on Break Effect teams, Himeko, and Gallagher.

Honkai: Star Rail is available for the PS5, PC, and mobile devices.

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