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Monster Hunter Rise Version 3.0 Extra Tracks Album Is Available Digitally

Monster Hunter Rise Extra Tracks included Valstrax theme

Capcom has releasedĀ Monster Hunter Rise Extra Tracks album exclusively on digital platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music. This mini-album contains eight tracks from the Ver.3.0 update that weren’t included in the original soundtrack. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

The extra tracks include the theme songs of Crimson Glow Valstrax and Narwa the Allmother. The Japanese track title specified that it featured the Rise rendition of Valstrax’s theme despite the Crimson Glow variant only appearing in the game as of Ver.3.0. The album also features another version of Narwa the Allmother’s theme song with proper Japanese lyrics.

Capcom previously released the Monster Hunter Rise Original Soundtrack on May 19, 2021. The album contained over a hundred songs compiled in four discs. It also included theme songs for monsters added in Ver.2.0, such as Teostra and Kushala Daora. While the Extra Tracks are only available in digital formats, the primary soundtrack is available both physically and digitally.

TheĀ Monster Hunter Rise video game is immediately available on Nintendo Switch. As of May 2021, it had shipped over 7 million copies worldwide . Capcom has been regularly adding more content through paid DLC and event quests. It is also currently working on a PC version of the game, which will come out in early 2022. The Monster Hunter Rise Extra Tracks album is available to stream or purchase now.

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