Pokemon Zoom Backgrounds Include Nods to GO, Team Rocket, and Sword and Shield

pokemon zoom backgrounds 1

Wild Pokemon Zoom backgrounds have appeared. Fortunately for you, right clicking and choosing “save image as…” is super effective. The Pokemon Company has released an array of images and videos to use when talking to other people online. The images are inspired by specific characters and games like Pokemon Sword and Shield, Pokemon GO, and Pokemon Masters.

Since it’ll be easier to go through these by sections, let’s divvy up the array of images you could use with each call. First, here are the various Pokemon Sword and Shield-inspired backgrounds available.

Next, here are the Pokemon GO images.

Let’s look at the Pokemon Masters possibilities next.

These are all inspired by Pokemon Trading Card Game. I also placed the Play! Pokemon Arena images the company shared in here.

Finally, all of these are images that you might have seen in the Pokemon anime series. One Detective Pikachu background is also in this section.

Once again, for those who maybe haven’t done it before, a Zoom background must be at least 960px image and be less than 5mb. If you have ones you want to use, you have to go to Zoom Rooms, in Room Management, and choose the one you’d like in Account Settings. You’ll then see it as an option for your video meetings. (Also, as always, a green screen is recommended, but not a requirement.)

In case you missed it, some of the past options released by companies include Bleach, One Piece, Naruto, Power Rangers, Phantasy Star Online 2, Persona 5, and Final Fantasy Zoom backgrounds.

As a reminder, Pokemon Sword and Shield are available on the Nintendo Switch. Pokemon GO and Pokemon Masters are available on Android and Apple iOS devices. The Pokemon Trading Card game is available physically or digitally on both mobile devices and the PC. You can also catch the Pokemon anime via streaming services like Netflix.

Jenni Lada
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