Post 109093

A Few Updates On The Last Story’s Dungeons

By Ishaan . January 10, 2011 . 8:25am

Director, Hironobu Sakaguchi, reveals a few details about the game’s dungeons.

Post 108145

Looks Like Cubic Ninja Will Be A 3DS Game In North America Too

By Spencer . January 4, 2011 . 1:35am

Could this be Xseed’s first Nintendo 3DS game?

Post 108132

The Last Story’s Color Coded Targeting System

By Spencer . January 4, 2011 . 12:20am

When an enemy targets a party member, like the group’s mage Yuris, the game draws a glowing line connecting the two fighters. Did you notice during last week’s presentation these lines were color coded?

Post 107532

Nier Director Leaves AQ Interactive At The End Of January

By Spencer . December 29, 2010 . 3:02pm

Shortly after AQ Interactive absorbed Cavia and its other studios, Taro Yokoo announced he was leaving the company at an unannounced date.

Post 107077

The Last Story Gets A New Battle Trailer

By Ishaan . December 27, 2010 . 2:05pm

This new battle video shows off The Last Story’s combat, recently explained in detail by director, Hironobu Sakaguchi, at a presentation in Tokyo.

Post 106906

All About The Last Story’s Battle System, Boss Battles, And Character Customization

By Spencer . December 26, 2010 . 11:02pm

Mistwalker head Hironobu Sakaguchi demoed The Last Story’s battle system by showing boss battles. Afterward, he showed character customization and oddly enough banana attacks on innocent people.

Post 106785

Nintendo Promoting The Last Story Promotion

By Ishaan . December 26, 2010 . 6:02pm

The upcoming Last Story presentation in Japan…is being given a TV commercial.

Post 106597

The Last Story Has A Tougher Second Lap

By Spencer . December 24, 2010 . 8:22am

The Last Story’s main quest clocks in at 30 hours, maybe more if you explore every nook and cranny in dungeons. Afterwards, you can replay the Wii game using your saved data.

Post 106299

Expect The Last Story To Clock In At Around 30 Hours

By Ishaan . December 23, 2010 . 8:31am

The Last Story emphasizes replayability over length.

Post 103714

The Last Story Prototype Version Had Tofu Characters And Enemies

By Spencer . December 9, 2010 . 2:03am

Sakaguchi and a member of the Blue Dragon team share the origins of The Last Story.

Post 102306

The Christmas Album Korg DS-10 Plus Made

By Spencer . December 2, 2010 . 2:08am

Korg DS-10 Plus is a powerful tool and to demonstrate its versatility one musician made an entire album with AQ Interactive’s touch screen synthesizer.

Post 97621

NieR Director Departs From AQ Interactive

By Spencer . November 5, 2010 . 4:14am

Yokoo explained he does not have a dispute with his employer and the reason for leaving is so he can increase the breadth of his work.

Post 93972

AQ Interactive Are Working On Animal Resort With Marvelous

By Ishaan . October 17, 2010 . 6:33pm

Marvelous Entertainment’s 3DS zoo-simulator is being worked on by AQ Interactive, who own Xseed and the teams from Cavia, Feelplus and Artoon.

Post 90106

Tales Of The Abyss Leaps Onto Nintendo 3DS

By Spencer . September 29, 2010 . 1:49am

Famitsu posted a long list of Nintendo 3DS games announced for Japan, which includes a few new titles like Tales of the Abyss, Cubic Ninja and a Puzzle Bobble game from Square Enix.

Post 82507

Artoon And Feelplus Also Absorbed Into AQ Interactive

By Spencer . August 13, 2010 . 8:54am

AQ Interactive de-brands Artoon and Feelplus into AQ Interactive group.