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Metroid And Blaster Master Get Special Versions On Switch Online’s NES Classics

By Alistair . February 13, 2019 . 8:30am

Nintendo has released this month’s NES games for Switch Online, and alongside are two new ‘SP’ versions of Metroid and Blaster Master that start near the final boss.

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NES Blaster Master Driving To 3DS Virtual Console In Japan

By Ishaan . August 29, 2012 . 11:26pm

Blaster Master—or Chô Wakusei Senki Meta Fight as it’s called in Japan—will be released for the 3DS Virtual Console in Japan next week.

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An Interview With The Creator Of Blaster Master

By Justin . May 4, 2011 . 5:35pm

Yoshiaki Iwata, creator of the original Blaster Master for the NES and producer of Blaster Master: Overdrive discusses the design, memories and struggles of the games.

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Blaster Master: Destination Fred Rolling On To Virtual Console

By Spencer . April 1, 2010 . 9:51am

On April 26, Wii owners get a crack at an unreleased Blaster Master game.

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Blaster Master Overdrive Rolls Onto WiiWare This Monday

By Spencer . February 7, 2010 . 12:55am

Holy leaping frogs, a re-imagining of Blaster Master came out of left field. Sunsoft just announced Blaster Master Overdrive for WiiWare.

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Blaster Master Speed Run Promotion Has Prizes Worth “Thousands Of Dollars”

By Spencer . December 23, 2009 . 9:03am

In true Working Designs spirit, Vic Ireland partially announced a swag filled promotion for the Virtual Console version of Blaster Master.

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With Help From Gaijinworks, Sunsoft Rises Again

By Spencer . December 4, 2009 . 5:15pm

Sunsoft, the company that brought you Blaster Master, Albert Odyssey, and Aero the Acro-bat, is re-entering the video game publishing biz.