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Watch Siliconera Play Through The Dragalia Lost Fire Emblem Lost Heroes Event

By Jenni . May 1, 2019 . 12:00pm

Watch Siliconera play through the Dragalia Lost Fire Emblem Lost Heroes event.

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Dragalia Lost Fire Emblem Event Has A Banner With 5-Star Marth, Fjorm, And Veronica

By Jenni . April 26, 2019 . 10:30am

The Dragalia Lost Fire Emblem Lost Heroes event has begun, which means people can take part in a gacha to try and add a five-star Marth, Fjorm, or Veronica to their party. (There is no five-star focus dragon.)

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The Dragalia Lost Fire Emblem Lost Heroes Event Will Bring Fjorm, Loki, Marth, And Veronica To The Game

By Jenni . April 25, 2019 . 5:30am

The Dragalia Lost Fire Emblem: Lost Heroes event will not only bring Alfonse to the game, but a new trailer shows Fjorm, Loki, Marth, and Veronica.

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Dragalia Lost Fire Emblem Heroes Event Will Let Players Earn A 5-Star Alfonse

By Jenni . April 19, 2019 . 5:00am

The Dragalia Lost Fire Emblem Heroes event, which begins April 25, 2019, will include new Defensive Battles and mark the first time people can earn a free five-star Adventurer.

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Dragalia Lost Summon Showcases Will No Longer Include Wyrmprints

By Jenni . April 12, 2019 . 6:00am

On April 25, 2019, an update will change the Dragalia Lost summon showcases, removing Wyrmprints from them. In addition, that is the day the Fire Emblem crossover event will begin.

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Dragalia Lost To Get Collaboration Characters From Fire Emblem Heroes

By Alistair . March 26, 2019 . 4:00pm

It was suddenly announced during the first Dragalia Lost update video that the game is getting a crossover event with Fire Emblem Heroes.

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Dragalia Lost Facility Event Opens The Accursed Archive’s Doors

By Jenni . March 12, 2019 . 10:30am

The Accursed Archives Dragalia Lost Facility Event adds two new adventurers who wouldn’t look out of place in a Castlevania game and a new dark dragon.

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Dragalia Lost Update Will Allow People To Equip Two Wyrmprints And Create Conditional Rooms

By Jenni . March 8, 2019 . 10:00am

Quality of life changes are coming in a Dragalia Lost update, and they will allow people to put conditions on created rooms, equip adventurers with two wyrmprints, and more easily trade for materials while crafting.

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Dragalia Lost Launches In Five New Countries

By Jenni . February 26, 2019 . 9:00am

People in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, and the UK can now play Dragalia Lost, and all players get a bonus to celebrate.

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Dragalia Lost Void Battles Begin

By Jenni . February 22, 2019 . 10:00am

Dragalia Lost Void Battles have arrived, giving people access to four boss fights throughout the week. A new dragon banner is also available.

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Valentine’s Confections Dragalia Lost Story Event Begins

By Jenni . February 14, 2019 . 9:00am

The Dragalia Lost story event for Valentine’s Day and its Ardent Admirers banner are now available until February 22, 2019.

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The First Dragalia Lost Story Event Is Valentine’s Confections

By Jenni . February 8, 2019 . 10:30am

The Valentine’s Day Dragalia Lost story event will let people unlock special stories with Adventurers. Cleo and Elisanne appear on the banner.

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Dragalia Lost Is Coming To Canada, UK, And Australia

By Alistair . February 2, 2019 . 1:30pm

During Nintendo’s financial results briefing earlier this week, they announced that smartphone title Dragalia Lost is set to release in Canada, the UK, and Australia during the next fiscal year.

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Skyborne Spectacle Dragalia Lost Raid Event Begins

By Jenni . January 31, 2019 . 10:30am

The Skyborne Spectacle Dragalia Lost raid event has begun, bringing the Lunar New Year to the game. It is accompanied by a new Springtime Spree banner.

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Datamine Shows Next Dragalia Lost Raid Event Will Be Skyborne Spectacle

By Jenni . January 25, 2019 . 10:30am

Datamining has revealed the next Dragalia Lost raid event, which will be called Skyborne Spectacle.

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