Post 75649

So, How Did The 3rd Birthday Evolve From Phones To PSP?

By Spencer . June 24, 2010 . 6:09pm

Years, many years, ago The 3rd Birthday was announced for mobile phones, but now it’s a PSP game. How did The 3rd Birthday evolve? I asked the development team.

Post 75641

The Fourth Wall Breaking Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes Of Light Demo You Didn’t See

By Spencer . June 24, 2010 . 4:52pm

Instead of throwing attendees into the world of Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light without any context, Square Enix created a fourth wall breaking demo just for tradeshows.

Post 75631

Hands On Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

By Spencer . June 24, 2010 . 3:31pm

While the characters I played with — Matthew, Karis, and Terrell — were new, battles felt familiar. Djinn and psyenergy, elements from past Golden Sun games returned in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.

Post 75570

I Asked Shinji Hashimoto About Final Fantasy V And VI On DS And 3DS

By Spencer . June 24, 2010 . 6:17am

Back in April, Shinji Hashimoto tweeted about Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI for the Nintendo DS. Neither game was officially announced, but Hashimoto said the titles had “technical problems”.

Post 75548

Atelier Rorona Sounds Like This With English Voice Acting

By Spencer . June 24, 2010 . 1:16am

NIS America brought a partially localized build of the PlayStation 3 game to E3, which had English voice acting. Sample those by watching the first English trailer.

Post 75530

Sega Tried To Keep The Idol Posters In Phantasy Star Portable 2

By Spencer . June 24, 2010 . 12:29am

And when they found out they couldn’t they created new content for the West.

Post 75509

Hands On Mindjack, Square Enix’s Body Snatching Third Person Shooter

By Spencer . June 23, 2010 . 7:25pm

Sega isn’t the only Japanese publisher with a third person shooter. Square Enix has Mindjack, which is also slated for October.

Post 75502

Hands On Vanquish, The Rocket Sliding Third Person Shooter From Platinum Games

By Spencer . June 23, 2010 . 6:17pm

What makes Vanquish different from other cover to cover third person shooters? Power suits.

Post 75494

Hands On Steel Diver, Nintendo’s Stereographic Submarine Game

By Spencer . June 23, 2010 . 5:09pm

Steel Diver puts you in control of a submarine, but instead of using buttons Nintendo turned the touch screen into an admiral’s control panel.

Post 75489

Kinect Adventures! Will Make You Jump Jump

By Spencer . June 23, 2010 . 2:49pm

Wii Fit watch out, Kinect Adventures! could double as a family fun fitness game.

Post 75482

Kinect Joy Ride, Hands On With An Invisible Steering Wheel

By Spencer . June 23, 2010 . 1:44pm

Last year, Microsoft announced Joy Ride as a cash-op car game with avatar support for Xbox Live Arcade. Last week, Joy Ride re-emerged as a retail, Kinect powered, kart racing game.

Post 75392

Mindjack, Square Enix’s Third Person Shooter, Is Set For October

By Spencer . June 22, 2010 . 6:33pm

What separates this game from the plethora of third person shooters on the market is “mind hacking”.

Post 75349

Pixar Characters In Kingdom Hearts? Maybe One Day.

By Spencer . June 22, 2010 . 4:42pm

When the first Kingdom Hearts game came out, Pixar had a Disney contract. Now Disney owns Pixar. So, how about some Pixar characters or worlds in Kingdom Hearts, Nomura-san?

Post 75179

Caring For A Plush Baby Or Hands On With Babysitting Mama

By Jenni . June 22, 2010 . 3:08pm

Ah, Babysitting Mama. I was so willing to joke about the game before I tried it at E3 and now I find myself hoping to actually buy it when the game comes out! How did such a drastic change occur?

Post 75206

Seeing Sonics’ New Tricks At E3 In Sonic Colors

By Jenni . June 22, 2010 . 2:25pm

There were two places E3 attendees could try out Sonic Colors for the Wii. The first was at Nintendo’s booth, where one demo station was set up. The second was at Sega’s booth, where multiple demo stations where available.

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