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Pac-Man Creator Toru Iwatani On Namco’s Atari Influences And Overseas Popularity

By Alistair . March 12, 2019 . 5:00pm

Bandai Namco’s second interview was with Toru Iwatani, the creator of Pac-Man, who talked about Namco being inspired by Atari, and Pac-Man’s puzzling popularity in the USA.

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Sonic And Pac-Man Meet Again As They Visit Each Other’s Mobile Games In A New Crossover

By Sato . February 21, 2018 . 6:30am

The last time Sonic and Pac-Man met up they went head to head in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. The two icons meet again as they lend each other a hand in their respective smartphone games.

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Pac-Man’s Mobile Game Gets A Touch Of Hello Kitty Cuteness With New Event

By Casey . July 21, 2017 . 9:30am

Bandai Namco has announced the Hello Kitty crossover event, called Hello Kitty ♥ Pac-Man, which will add a bunch of Hello Kitty-themed items including customizable ghosts and levels.

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Pac-Man Gobbles Its Way To The 3DS Virtual Console

By Ishaan . September 1, 2011 . 8:30am

Speaking of old games, 3DS Ambassador games are eligible for Club Nintendo points, but there’s a catch.

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Hands On Pac-Man Party

By Spencer . July 5, 2010 . 8:10pm

Namco Bandai is filling the Mario Party void with Pac-Man Party. Pac-Man and ghosts – Blink, Inky, Pinky, and Clyde join up with newcomers like Woofa. He looked like a snowman, so I started my mini-game adventure with Woofa.

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Pac-Man Generation Waka-Waka-ing Into Stores?

By Spencer . June 14, 2010 . 9:29am

Tomorrow night, Namco Bandai will unveil the future of Pac-Man, which may contain something called Pac-Man Generation.

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Pac-Chain Sounds Like An Unannounced Pac-Man Project

By Spencer . June 4, 2010 . 12:19pm

In less than two weeks, Namco Bandai will unveil a brand new Pac-Man project with Avi Arad. Could it be… Pac-Chain?

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Pac-Man Partners With Rocawear For 30th Anniversary T-Shirts

By Spencer . June 3, 2010 . 7:54am

You read that right. Namco Bandai is collaborating with Jay-Z’s fashion brand.

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A Pac-Man Watch For High Rollers

By Spencer . May 20, 2010 . 5:17pm

This weekend, Pac-Man turns 30. His up all night ghost chasing days are a faint memory so Namco Bandai made a new set of sophisticated Pac-Man items.

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Pac-Man Reborn Coming To Cell Phones And Twitter

By Spencer . May 20, 2010 . 12:14pm

Part of Namco Bandai’s Pac-Man revival plan is a social game. The publisher just announced Pac-Man Reborn for Twitter and mobile phones in Japan.

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Avi Arad Presenting A Pac-Man Project At E3

By Spencer . May 5, 2010 . 10:59am

What is former Marvel CEO Avi Arad doing with his free time? Working with Namco Bandai. Seriously. Arad is an executive adviser at Namco Bandai.

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Pac-Man Battle Royale Revealed, It’s Not A Fighting Game

By Spencer . February 25, 2010 . 2:44pm

One Pac-Man mystery solved! Namco Bandai officially announced Pac-Man Battle Royale with this teaser trailer.

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Namco Bandai Cooking Up Pac-Man Pizza Parlor?

By Spencer . January 26, 2010 . 11:05pm

No, not an actual pizza parlor with Pac-Man serving dot filled pizza pies to colorful ghosts. We’re talking about a game called Pac-Man Pizza Parlor.

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More Pac-Man Kart Racing?

By Spencer . January 19, 2010 . 3:40pm

Seems that way. Namco Bandai filed trademarks for Pac-Man Kart Rally and Pac-Man Rally Kart in Japan. You know, just in case they flip the game’s subtitle at the last minute.

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Thirty Years Of Pac-Man Consolidated In A Cookie

By Spencer . January 7, 2010 . 11:01am

This year, if you weren’t aware, is Pac-Man’s 30th birthday. Convenience stores are celebrating it by selling a commemorative cake.

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