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Sega’s Public San Francisco Valkyria Chronicles Shindig

By Spencer . September 22, 2008 . 9:26am

If you’re around the San Francisco area Sega is throwing a pre-launch Valkryia Chronicles event at the PlayStation Store in the Sony Metreon this Friday, September 26th. Ryutaro Nonaka, the Valkyria Chronicles Producer at Sega Japan, will be on hand to answer your questions and sign posters provided at the party. Sega will be giving […]

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Tracking Nintendo’s cryptic "celestial" event

By Spencer . September 16, 2008 . 12:02pm

Nintendo blasted the media, including us, with an announcement about an event taking place on September 18. That’s this Thursday. Instead of flat out explaining what they are doing Nintendo left a bunch of clues. According to “authorities at Nintendo” a celestial event will be visible at a handful of locations. The event only takes […]

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Inside and outside Nintendo Power’s 20th anniversary celebration

By Kurt . September 16, 2008 . 11:10am

Twenty years ago, Nintendo published the first issue of Nintendo Power, filled with previews, reviews, tips, and tons of maps. In celebration, the magazine (now published by Future) joined with the Nintendo World Store in Manhattan to hold a party on Saturday, September 13th, filled with upcoming Wii and DS games.     Arriving at […]

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More Mega Man 9 merchandise at the Rockman Summer Festival

By Spencer . August 18, 2008 . 8:24pm

This weekend Capcom is throwing a Mega Man summer shindig at the Tokyo Fashion Town Building. If you’re in Japan take the Rinkai or Yurikamome line Kokusai-tenjijo on August 24. At the event you’ll get to try out Mega Man 9 and Mega Man Star Force 3. You get a Mega Man 9 sticker sheet […]

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NIS at Anime Expo, a summary of the Disgaea Panel

By Louise . July 10, 2008 . 10:33am

The Disgaea Panel at Anime Expo '08 featured Mr. Takehito Harada (the artist of Disgaea), Ms. Taniel (the character artist for Blade Dancer: Linage of Light), Mr. Hojo (CEO of Hit Maker), Mr. Steven Carlton and Mr. Phoenix Spaulding (NIS editors), and Mr. Jack Niida (localization editor).   First they covered some basics of Disgaea […]

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Let’s listen to the Shin Megami Tensei panel

By Spencer . July 6, 2008 . 2:14pm

The big news from Atlus yesterday night was Persona 4’s release date. Fifty minutes before we saw the Persona 4 trailer Yu Namba, Senior Project Manager at Atlus, and veteran Editor Nich Maragos talked about the history of Shin Megami Tensei. The discussion wasn’t as in depth as Hardcoregaming 101’s excellent retrospective of the Megaten […]

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Battle Fantasia and Guilty Gear 2 also playable at Anime Expo

By Spencer . July 2, 2008 . 9:44am

Arc System Works should just have a booth at Anime Expo. In addition to BlazBlue two other Arc System Works titles will make their debut at the Los Angeles Convention Center this weekend. Battle Fantasia, a 2.5D fantasy fighting game, and Guilty Gear 2 will be playable at the show. The brief post doesn’t say […]

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Burn dread at Persona: Music Live

By Spencer . July 1, 2008 . 3:12pm

Visit the Velvet Room in Akasaka BLITZ. Artists tied into the Persona series are going on tour for one night only in Japan. If you're around Tokyo, specifically Akasaka, on August 22 @ 7PM you can listen to Yumi Kawamura sing Burn My Dread, maybe. She's scheduled to be at the show along with Lotus […]

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A double dose of D3 Naruto and Bangai-O at Anime Expo

By Spencer . July 1, 2008 . 1:49pm

In addition to Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm at Namco Bandai’s booth, Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution 2 and Naruto: Path of Ninja 2 will be playable this weekend at Anime Expo. No specific playable characters have been announced, but you can bet Naruto will be one of them. Hopefully, Kurenai (pictured) or one of the […]

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Shin Megami Tensei: Behind the Scenes and the other video game panels at Anime Expo

By Spencer . June 24, 2008 . 5:25pm

Bring your “Will you release Persona 4 in America?” questions to Anime Expo. Atlus is holding a panel at the Los Angeles Convention Center conference solely focused on the Shin Megami Tensei series. The pictured invitation has all the details sans the special gift, but it isn’t the only video game panel that day. Aksys […]

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Game Center CX debuts in New York City

By Spencer . June 20, 2008 . 1:15am

Two English subtitled episodes of Game Center CX will be at the New York Asian Film Festival starting this Saturday. One video has Shinya Arino playing the frustrating Famicom game, Atlantis No Nazo (Mystery of Atlantis). The other challenge is Katcho vs. Ghost and Goblins. If you are around the New York Metro area the […]

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First person to buy MGS4 at Konami’s Hollywood launch can’t play it

By Spencer . June 12, 2008 . 7:39pm

At last night’s Metal Gear Solid 4 event in West Hollywood Louise and I briefly ran into the first two people to purchase the game at Konami’s event. They both got their copies autographed and hear David Hayter use his Solid Snake voice. Unfortunately, a few weeks earlier his PlayStation 3 was stolen. So even […]

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Live from the Metal Gear Solid 4 launch party

By Spencer . June 11, 2008 . 10:42pm

Outside Best Buy, on a warm summer night, Metal Gear fans are waiting to purchase the conclusion to Solid Snake's saga. Below is a picture of the front of the line. The queue wraps around Best Buy ending at a fence past the parking garage. There aren't many cosplayers out here. I saw one person […]

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Gamecock counters E3 with the BE-3 Initiative

By Spencer . May 9, 2008 . 3:35pm

Not going to E3? Gamcock will welcome you with open arms to the BE-3 Initiative. Their competing event takes place right next to the Los Angeles Convention Center at the Hotel Figueroa on July 15-18. E3 2008 will run from July 15-17.   This isn't the first time Gamecock threw their own event. Last year, […]

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Retro video games and art collide (again) at I am 8 bit

By Spencer . May 6, 2008 . 2:25pm

Every year Los Angeles is home to I am 8 bit, an art gallery specifically catering to the taste of gamers. The gallery showcases retro art like Mr. & Mrs. Pac Man grenades and the pictures above. This photo was taken from the first show. This year marks the fourth I am 8 bit exhibit, […]